Policy Statement

EEI Entertainment Intressenter and its Group companies are committed to integrating strong environmental, social, governance (‘ESG’) principles into its business operations and practices. As a leading European gaming provider, we are committed to the principles of responsible gaming, transparency, and compliance, as well as acting professionally, inclusively and with integrity.  

This policy defines the core ESG principles and commitments and details the approach to integrating material ESG factors into our activities in a systematic way. It is applicable to all our businesses, employees, officers, and directors. Where applicable, we expect our customers, suppliers, and other businesses partners to adhere to standards similar to those reflected in this policy.  The core ESG policies of the Group are set out below:


  • Looking after the health and safety of our employees
  • Making sure we treat and manage our employees in a fair and respectful way. Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Policy ensures we deliver a respectful and engaging workplace that creates opportunities for all. The key aspects of the D&I policy are set out in a separate document.
  • Ensuring employment practices are aligned with local legislations and international standards and beyond that, continuously seek to improve policies and people management practices to better employee well-being.


  • Consistently committing to integrity and high standards across the Group.
  • Establishing and maintaining the appropriate structures, procedures and controls required to identify and manage critical business risks. These actions must cover internal risks as well as external ones pertaining to our stakeholders.
  • Ensuring our internal and external reporting is transparent and meets our obligations.
  • Ensuring that our internal policies for whistleblowing, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering are in place and regularly communicated throughout the Group. The Group is committed to compliance  with anti-trust and  Modern Slavery regulations and all other regulation that relates to the business.
  • Continuing to improve the applicable responsible gaming policies, practices, and tools, ranging from routine interactions with the customers to AI-powered identification tools.
  • Increasing awareness about responsible gaming practices, educating customers and staff through training, marketing materials and information on the websi


  • With company operating being principally on-line the businesses carbon footprint is low. Nevertheless, the Group is committed to continuously taking actions to minimize our impact on the environment, addressing not only our consumption of resources with a focus on reducing electricity consumption and bringing more focus to undertaking travel only when it is necessary for the management and development of the businesses.